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How to crush your competitors and quadruple your online sales in less than a month without being an internet genius:

Are you a SME, or an individual? Your business is in place, but you are not satisfied with your turnover? Are you concerned about the continuously growing competition?

Do you often have negative thoughts questioning the future of your business? Does this have a knock on effect on your private life?

Have you ever wondered how to increase traffic to your site?

Today there are more than 1.1 billion websites and to find those that match what we are looking for, we rely on search engines.
The most popular one, Google, is used by more than 90% of Internet users.

When you search for something on Google, you can see the number of results that generally are in millions!

But what you need to know is that 94% of people only click on the results of the 1st page , which means that if your site does not appear here it is almost like it doesn’t exist ! No matter how good your product and how impressive your website is the chances are it may never be found!
Furthermore, if they don’t find what they are looking for on this 1st page, they will change the keywords rather than going to the 2nd page.

In fact, 65% of the internet users only click on the so-called “golden triangle”, which consists of the first 3 results of the first page.

This is why it is so important to reference your site.

When a person researches what they are looking for, finds your site and clicks on it, they will fall on your home page.

But this person is not any visitor! This person is specifically looking for your service ! That means that they fit the perfect profile of a new client!

To maximize this type of visitor to your website, you must therefore be within the first results.
Each website has a page rank in the search results for a given keyword combination and in 2017 the two ranking criteria are:
– Keywords: Of course, your site must include the keywords of the search, it allows Google to see you!
– Backlinks: The more your site will be referenced by other sites, the more relevant it will be for Google and this will be further justified if the sites referencing you are of good quality. This allows Google to trust you!

This is done through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) !

So how can I have 10x more visitors to my site due to a good SEO?

Because there are two main factors of your website, there are therefore two parts of SEO :

1. The On-Site part : Which consists of selecting the optimal keywords to mention on your site so as to be spotted by Google whenever a person searches for your services. In this first step we make sure to include all the relevant words related to the service you offer.
2. The Off-Site part : It is by strengthening this component that you will be more reliable in the eyes of Google. 3. In order to increase the profile of your site, we will therefore have it referenced on other sites. These other sources can link to your website using articles, social media, blogs, discussion boards, etc …

So why pozzoseo rather than an other web agency ?

Keep in mind that the more reliable these referencing websites are, the more positive impact their backlinks will have !

Unfortunately, there are still many unscrupulous agencies that do not know how to provide high level SEO services or use the wrong sites to backlink you.

This is why it is important to carefully choose these source sites in order to place your website in the very first Google results!

At pozzoseo we offer a solid network of modern websites for all our customers so that you do not have to worry about the visibility of your website anymore!

Still not sure? Then check out our testimonials and case studies!

But that’s not all !

Our team also handles the redesign of your website to provide the most professional and user friendly version possible .

Indeed, if your website has not been updated recently it can quickly feel dated compared to the latest industry versions. This is why we also offer the possibility of redesigning your site in parallel to its SEO.

We will share with you our new secret method allowing you to get a position among the first search results permanently.

After which you will significantly increase the amount of visitors your site receives and these visitors will fit exactly the profile that you are looking for. Bingo!

You can now ensure the peace of mind that we can guarentee your business is getting the exposure it needs to thrive.

Yes, I said GUARANTEE! Because a well-referenced website with the latest methods is a guaranteed source of new customers.

And if after 6 months you haven’t noticed a significant increase in web traffic and customer enquiries, we promise to redesign your website or to REFUND you the total amount you’ve spent.
So far none of our customers have needed to take up this option.

It is a no lose situation and we rely on your positive testimony and referral to help us grow our own reputation.

With increased custom will come increase turnover and profits so that your business can achieve everything you hope for.

The results that we can achieve have been proven over time and speak for themselves.

All our customers see a 60% increase in demand for quotes and the majority 100% and this after only 6 weeks of collaboration with us!

Since the majority of people only look at the 1st page of results, it’s not surprising that your customers and your sales multiply once your site is part of that page!

Read the testimonials of our customers, contact them, CONTACT US .

If you have not been referenced yet, there is no need to rely on your website to bring you new customers!
Whatever your business is, from the moment you have a website where you offer your product, SEO is essential.

Unfortunately, even in 2017, many companies and individuals are still not aware of this important factor and underestimate the potential of internet sales.

So do not waste even more time! Start now, CONTACT US and get the edge on your competitors!

We are here to discuss your needs and requirements and we offer you a free quote so that you understand completely the process and how you can benefit from our service.

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With a meticulous analysis of your competitors as well as the choice of the optimal keywords to find your site, our SEO services allow you to place yourself in the very first results of Google giving your website and business a whole new level of exposure.

Web Design

With the constant changes of the search engines indexing criteria, it is not easy to stay up-to-date. That's why we help you keep your website at the cutting edge of design by ensuring:
A permanent position among the very first search results
A modern design that allows you to stand out from the crowd

projects successfully completed in France and all over Switzerland !

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    Great But What's The Cost ?

    The price varies according to the service but also according to your current situation:
    – SEO depends on the number of keywords and your domain
    – A redesign of your website depends of course on the state and format of your current site
    -The creation of a new website with a good SEO is therefore the most expensive
    To obtain an accurate quote a consultation is required.

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    No worries !
    – Send a mail to
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    How Long Does The Service Last ?

    The On-Site part (design and content of the site) is done only once, whereas SEO is a service that we offer monthly to ensure you a position among the very first results and therefore maximum visibility!

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    How Do I Get Started ?

    1. Already have a website ? —> Ask for your free quote to get an idea of the price and the procedure we would apply for your case.
    2. I want a website to attract more clients — > Contact us via Messenger to get a quick answer or by email

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    What Next ?

    Our motto : “We take care of everything with a minimum of participation on your part !”
    1. Contact us either by asking your free quote if you already have a website, or by email / call / Messenger
    2. Production of an audit of your website (its status + ranking)
    3. Planning of your goal + the deadline….and finally a price in figures !
    4. Design of your website + optimisation of its content
    5. Creation of Backlinks on our websites
    6. SEO : Regular work (every month) to ensure that you are always ranked in the very first Google results